Our Network

With more than 5,000 doctors and providers in more than 100 Northern California communities, our robust and unified health care network delivers locally accessible high-quality, high-value care. Together, we partner and innovate to improve our patients’ experience, service and care outcomes.

Our Sutter Health story

Our new organizational structure

Helping our patients live healthier, happier lives: Nothing is more important to us. We’re a not-for-profit health care system with deep community roots, bringing the very best care, service and compassion to our patients and neighbors. Sutter Health previously redesigned our operations to better meet the changing demands of the marketplace and respond to the diverse needs of our patients. Our two geographical service areas in Northern California—the Bay Area and the Valley—and our four broad focus areas—Patient Experience, Medical and Market Networks, Enterprise Transformation, and Strategy and Innovation—will help us continue providing the high-quality, patient-centered care that is truly worthy of our status as one of the nation’s best health care networks.

Patient Experience

Patients are our purpose. And our Patient Experience teams set high standards for our patients’ experiences. With input from the patients and families we serve in every decision we make, our teams ensure we provide high-quality care and meet the needs and preferences of our patients and their families.

quote marks“Our employees and doctors give their all, for every patient, through every door, every day.” — Don Wreden, M.D., senior vice president of patient experience

Medical and Market Networks

Our Medical and Market Networks teams create the products and ensure the provider network that provides comprehensive, compassionate and high-quality care to all of our patients across more than 100 Northern California communities.

Spotlight: Sutter Health Plus

When Sutter Health decided to create its own provider-sponsored HMO, we had the unique opportunity to bring together high-quality and affordable coverage within the Sutter Health system. From the start, Sutter Health Plus focused on providing individuals, families and employer groups in our communities with access to Sutter’s high-quality network at market competitive prices. In its first ever customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2015, employers and brokers recognized Sutter Health Plus for delivering a high-value product. Here are a few highlights:

  • always or usually happy overall with their primary care physician 81% 81%
  • always or usually feel overall care is available to them 87% 87%
  • always or usually treated with courtesy and respect 88% 88%

“When we heard that Sutter Health Plus was offering their HMO product, we looked at it and were excited. It truly has been a win-win situation for us and our employees.” – Callen Cochran, business development manager, United Pallet Services, Inc.

Strategy and Innovation

Our Strategy and Innovation teams—led by Sutter Health’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer Chris Waugh—help us pave the path forward toward a new era of health care by encouraging and developing new ideas and taking them to market. We explore and interpret patient and customer needs so that we can create the services, products and care experiences that set us apart. Health care can be complicated, but we feel we can make it more simple, engaging and human. How? We’re starting by asking questions. How do we want people to feel? What if tech isn’t the answer but rather a tool to help us provide a more human care experience? How can we create a more effective pilot track in our system? By answering these and other questions—and looking internally to understand what our barriers and challenges are—we are establishing a foundation for which to redesign the health care experience our patients currently receive.

quote marks“Our goal is to create friction-free health care that is simple, engaging and human. We support the launch of product and service experiences, partner externally with world-class thought leaders and companies, and help create a culture of innovation across the organization.” — Chris Waugh, Sutter Health’s first chief innovation officer.

Enterprise Transformation

Our Enterprise Transformation teams align, improve and enable Sutter Health to fulfill its mission and deliver unparalleled patient care. We do this by:

  • Planning, aligning, implementing and measuring the impact of organizational priorities
  • Driving the urgency and pace of strategy execution
  • Working with our Sutter Improvement System colleagues to spread Lean as Sutter’s management system
  • Developing the capability of our leaders

Spotlight: Sutter Improvement System

As our in-house improvement system, SIS fosters best practices across Sutter Health to help us become more effective, efficient and consistent in the ways we operate as an organization. Because of their work, we were able to achieve these successes.


30% increase in employee engagement scores in the nursing units at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, thanks to daily engagement.


11% reduction in employee injuries in Sutter Health’s former East Bay Region, resulting in $651,000 in annual cost savings.

Our Network: Serving Northern California communities

Sutter Medical Network
  • Brown & Toland Physicians
  • Central Valley Medical Group
  • Mills-Peninsula Medical Group
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation
  • Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
  • Sutter Independent Physicians
  • Sutter Medical Foundation
  • Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation
  • Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley and Oakland
  • California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco—California, Pacific, Davies and St. Luke’s campuses
  • Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley
  • Kahi Mohala, A Behavioral Healthcare System, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
  • Memorial Hospital Los Banos, Los Banos
  • Memorial Medical Center, Modesto
  • Menlo Park Surgical Hospital, Menlo Park
  • Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Burlingame and San Mateo
  • Novato Community Hospital, Novato
  • Sutter Amador Hospital, Jackson
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, Auburn
  • Sutter Coast Hospital, Crescent City
  • Sutter Davis Hospital, Davis
  • Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch
  • Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Lakeport
  • Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz
  • Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento—Sutter General Hospital, Sutter Memorial Hospital and Sutter Center for Psychiatry
  • Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, Santa Rosa
  • Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Roseville
  • Sutter Solano Medical Center, Vallejo
  • Sutter Surgical Hospital North Valley, Yuba City
  • Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, Tracy
Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Apogee Surgery Center
  • Briggsmore Specialty Center
  • Capitol City Surgery Center
  • Carlsbad Surgery Center
  • Coast Center for Orthopedic and Arthroscopic Surgery
  • East Bay Endoscopy Center
  • Fort Sutter Surgery Center
  • Fremont Surgery Center
  • Golden Gate Endoscopy Center
  • La Jolla Orthopedic Surgery Center
  • North Bay Regional Surgery Center
  • Otay Lakes Surgery Center
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation Mountain View SurgiCenter
  • Peninsula Eye Surgery Center
  • Presidio Surgery Center
  • San Carlos Surgery Center
  • San Francisco Endoscopy Center
  • San Luis Obispo Surgery Center
  • Santa Barbara Endoscopy Center
  • Santa Rosa Endoscopy Center
  • Santa Rosa Surgery Center
  • South Placer Surgery Center
  • Stockton Surgery Center
  • Surgecenter of Palo Alto
  • Surgery Center San Jose
  • Sutter Alhambra Surgery Center
  • Sutter Amador Surgery Center
  • Sutter Auburn Surgery Center
  • Sutter Elk Grove Surgery Center
  • Sutter Fairfield Surgery Center
  • Sutter Medical Foundation Surgery and Endoscopy Center
  • Sutter Roseville Endoscopy Center
  • The Surgery Center of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
  • Walnut Creek Endoscopy Center
Cancer Centers
  • Alta Bates Summit Comprehensive Cancer Center, Berkeley and Oakland
  • California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco
  • Dorothy E. Schneider Cancer Center at Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Burlingame
  • Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley
  • Memorial Regional Cancer Center, Modesto
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, Auburn
  • Sutter Cancer Center, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
  • Sutter Cancer Center, Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Roseville
  • Sutter Solano Cancer Center, Vallejo
  • California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
  • Jordan Research and Education Institute
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute
  • Sutter Cancer Research Consortium
  • Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Research
  • Sutter Health Research, Development and Dissemination
  • Sutter Institute for Medical Research
  • Sutter Neurosciences Research Consortium
  • Sutter Research Enterprise
Home Health and Hospice Services
  • Coming Home Hospice
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice
  • Sutter Care at Home, serving 23 counties in Northern California
  • Sutter Coast Home Care
  • Sutter North Home Health Agency
Express Medical Clinics
  • Sutter Express Care (three locations in Sacramento and Placer counties)
Education and Training
  • California Pacific Medical Center Graduate Medical Education
  • Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Mateo
  • Sutter Center for Health Professions, Sacramento
  • Sutter Health Family Practice Residency Program, Sacramento and Davis
  • Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency
Philanthropic Organizations
  • Better Health East Bay
  • California Pacific Medical Center Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Kahi Mohala Hospital Foundation Philanthropy Committee
  • Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors
  • Memorial Hospital Los Banos Gala Committee
  • Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Novato Community Hospital Foundation
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation Community Board
  • Samuel Merritt University Board of Regents
  • Sutter Amador Hospital Foundation Board
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Sutter Care at Home Philanthropy Committee
  • Sutter Davis Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Maino Society Committee
  • Sutter Medical Center Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Sutter Medical Foundation Philanthropic Committee
  • Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Sutter Santa Rosa Foundation Board
  • Sutter Solano Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Tracy Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
Management Services Organization
  • Sutter Physician Services
Health Plan
  • Sutter Health Plus