Our Employer Commitment

We believe in caring for the people who work tirelessly every day taking care of our patients and communities. This is our employer commitment to the talented and diverse workforce that comprises our Sutter Health family.

Supporting our employees and their families after severe wildfires

Nearly 150,000 acres burned. More than 1,000 homes destroyed. Thousands evacuated. During the devastating 2015 wildfires that swept through several of our Northern California communities, Sutter Health provided support and financial assistance to help our employees and their families who live and work in the communities impacted by the flames by:


Establishing a new systemwide Sutter Health Employee Disaster Relief Fund to ease the financial and emotional burden our employees faced during the wildfires and other future emergencies.


Making available disaster-relief paid time off (PTO) to give employees time away from their jobs to manage their wildfire-related personal circumstances, sparing employees from having to deplete their personal PTO.


Creating a comprehensive list of local resources to help those in fire-stricken communities, made available through our Sutter Health Emergency Management System.

Our Sutter Health family members teamed up in extraordinary ways to comfort and lift each other up during this time, from gifting their PTO to offering temporary shelter to their colleagues in need.

Our commitment to diversity

At Sutter Health, we are a diverse workforce coming together from all walks of life to use our unique talents, skills and experiences to provide the best care possible to our patients and the communities we serve. We personalize care by blending our diverse voices, ideas and knowledge.

Training program helps clinical leaders grow professionally and personally

We believe in nurturing the talent of those within our Sutter Health family and encouraging them to take on new career challenges and opportunities. When doctors and other clinicians step into new leadership roles, they often want more formal leadership or business training necessary for optimal success. To better prepare our upcoming leaders, Sutter Health developed a program called Introduction to Physician Leadership that provides hands-on, practical skills and training to Sutter doctors in leadership positions. The training gives them the information and tools they want and need to manage and develop teams, lead through change, and much more. In 2015, we opened enrollment to our advanced practice clinicians (nurse practitioners and physician assistants)—and offered the training to every doctor in our Sutter Medical Group.

Sutter scholarships awarded to employees’ children, grandchildren

About 200 students—all college-age children and grandchildren of employees within the Sutter Health network—received student scholarships as part of the Van R. Johnson Sutter Scholars Program. The scholarships were awarded to those attending accredited four-year and two-year programs, vocational or graduate schools. During the competitive review process, students were selected based on multiple factors, including academic achievement, school and community involvement, work experience, and educational and career goals. Sutter has provided scholarships to college students for more than a decade.

Constantly learning and improving for our patients and their families

One of the keys to great health care is effective physician-patient communication. When our patients have a good relationship with their doctors and can talk easily with them about their ailments and concerns, health outcomes and happiness improve for both patients and physicians alike. Sutter Health created The Art of Communicating with Patients program, offering our doctors practical skills and competencies to increase patient satisfaction and provide a compassionate, high-value care experience at every encounter. In 2015, 216 Sutter Health physicians completed the ACP program—31 percent more than the year before.

2015 Sutter Health Fellows with Pat Fry

Fellowship program nurtures future health care leaders

To foster the next generation of health care leaders, Sutter Health has long offered a successful administrative fellowship program to recent master’s degree graduates. The year-long program provides hands-on, specialized administrative experience in hospitals, medical groups and ambulatory care settings, as well as one-on-one mentoring with a Sutter Health executive. In 2015, the fellowship program was renamed in honor of our former CEO Pat Fry (who retired on January 1, 2016), who began his career as an administrative fellow in 1982. The Patrick E. Fry Fellowship for Excellence in Healthcare Leadership administrative fellowship builds upon Fry’s legacy and will be expanded in the future to include an executive development program with a mentorship component to help fellowship alumni continue their professional growth.